Studio Accelerator

More Leads are only part of the solution

It’s easy to get caught up on the importance of leads when you’re trying to grow your business. As fitness studio owners we’ve been there too. But the reality is that at the end of the days it’s full paying members that grow your business not leads.

That’s why we developed the studio accelerator program. It combines 5 key systems you need to implement in your business. We’ve put together a free training which you can access here

Once your ready to get started simply schedule a time to chat so we can find out more about your business.

1) Know your Numbers

It’s impossible to grow until you know the facts. We provide our automated pipeline sales system to track and measure the key metrics in your business. 

2) Get Leads

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We take control of your Facebook advertising and provide a consistent flow of qualified leads ready to bring into your new program.  Best of all there are no Free offers here!Your intro offer will be designed to have your prospects paying to trial with you!

3) Make Sales

Sales shouldn’t be a word that makes you sweat! We’ll give you our proven 6P’s sales script and coach you through the process to have you converting like a pro!

4) Convert to Members

It’s easy to get leads to come and test out your studio, but harder to get them to commit to a 6-month membership. We have a 3 step process for onboarding and tracking client progress over their intro offer so that you can seamlessly transition your trials into full paying members.

5) Reduce Churn

If you have a hole in the bottom of the bucket, you’ll never be able to grow your profits. We provide easy to implement strategies to stop the cancels and maximise your return per member.